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Siberian Cat, My experince living With This Unique Breed

Siberian is the National Cat of Russia. Russian President and he owned Siberian named Dorothy; and believe it or not Dorothy she fights with the cat next door.

Siberian and main coon difference.

maine coon siberian cat

There is a perfect mix between a ballet dancer and a linebacker. They’re big, big cats, but they can jump with the best of them.

The Siberian is one of the largest domesticated cats; second only to the main coon and it’s not unusual for them to exceed 20 pounds. Because of their size, it can take as much as five years for a Siberian to reach full maturity.

Siberian Physical appearance .


Thing I find most distinctive about Siberians cat is their eyes, they’re very large soulful ,and they have a slight upturned angle? that is unique to the breed.

When you look at a Siberian from the side, they have a slight art to their back. And that’s because their hind legs are a bit longer than the front legs. And that slight arches part of what makes them such incredibly agile cats were very, very athletic.

Is Siberian cat hypoallergenic?

The Siberian coat can come in any color combination, but will always have three dense layers. What’s unique about the Siberian cat is that they produce less the antigenic protein than most cats. And so if you do suffer from allergies. You might be able to live with a Siberian cat because they make less of this protein. Well, no cat is hypoallergenic.

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Research is underway to determine why some Siberians have lower levels of the feline protein that causes the allergic reaction and humans.

This protein is found in the saliva cats and it’s also found in the dander and what a cats do, they grow themselves and the saliva drives on their hair so you’re not really reacting to the hair, but the protein on the hair.

My Personnel Opinion About The This Amazing Breeds

siberian cat with human
Boredom Therapy

just like max Siberians Are a happy part of any family often those with allergies. And because of their long history of natural selection, it’s a healthy breed.

Break out the vacuum because the Siberian sheds a lot especially when seasonally to prepare a thick winter coat or too thin down for summer. Every Siberian is unique, but in general, there are Hardy and healthy they shed a lot and their dense layer code requires frequent brushing and this gentle giant is great for households with children.

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