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Owners Named Their Cat Duchess And Then She Gave Birth To All Of “The Aristocats” Cast

Some say life is a fairy story, some want a cartoon to have been their life. You must always be careful about what you want, as sometimes the most random choices are the ones to grant your desires. That said, we’re starting the story of Duchess the cat and her family, who never wanted to have a cartoon life, but now they’ve found themselves living one.

It’s certainly not a cat’s first time to cause surprises or crack us up, but it’s surely quite an amazement for the owners and a true treat for individuals on the internet.

More info: Duchess and Kittens

Pictures of this white cat called Duchess have recently gone online virally

She was adopted in 2018 by East Texas ‘ Shelby Sewell-Lopez. Duchess was quite fragile when she was adopted, her hair fell out, she had hernia and every parasite that a cat could have, you name it. Shelby said in an interview , “She maintained her calm attitude through all the rehabilitation, and a lovely cat arose. She’s unbound by all but the vacuum cleaner!”

Duchess was discovered one day in a box with something that looked like a mouse at first

Despite the spaying of her fresh family thoughts Duchess, one day she was discovered in a closet upstairs with what was believed to be a mouse at first. Boy, they’ve been incorrect!

The mouse transformed into a newborn kitten and three more followed.

It turned out that the “mouse” was Berlioz, then Marie and Toulouse arrived. They believed the birth was over, but then the Blue “reward kitten” emerged. “While Blue isn’t an official Aristocat, he’s the most affectionate and certainly steals most attention,” Shelby says. Duchess is an incredible mother, despite her tough past, who never leaves her kittens. She always followed them even when the kittens grew up and began exploring the home. Shelby acknowledges that because of her continually carrying her food and water straight to her, the cat became quite spoiled.

Soon the owners realized that the kittens looked like The Aristocats ‘ personalities.

Even the genders matched the comic, so retrospectively they chose to name them – Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz.

And the special bunch couldn’t be separated

Even though they chose to hold all the kittens pretty fast, it took some time to convince Shelby’s boyfriend.

Meet Marie



The Internet was quick to respond to their cuteness

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