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[ NEVER RELEASED ] 5 Things Your Cat Definitely WANT You To Get Right Now

Cat ownership is on the rise. The latest study by the American Veterinary Association suggests that at least three out of ten households have at least one cat. This rise in the number of cat owners reflects the fact that more and more people realize that cats can really enrich their lives. They not only provide unconditional love, companionship and affection, but research has shown that they also offer important health benefits, including helping to reduce stress, alleviate loneliness and depression. In addition, they can provide opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise, and socialization.

Along with the rise in cat ownership, gifts-giving to cats also continues to rise. A recent survey showed that 63% of cat owners buy gifts for their feline pals. In addition, the gifts are not only bought during Christmas but also for Easter, birthdays, Halloween and Valentine’s Day or for no special occasion. Nothing is like seeing their little faces light up when you unwrap a new toy in front of your cats. In this article, we will take a look at the five things you should get for your Cat right now.

will take a look at the five things you should get for your Cat right now.

1. Litter Locker Cat Mat.

This non-slip mat stays where you to place it. It catches litter continuously and will not shift around as your cat goes in and out of the litter box all day long. This mat is easy to clean and maintain, as you can easily fold both layers and get rid of the locked litter back to the box. It saves you time and money.

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2. [HOT Selling] Marshmallow Cat Bed.

WARNING: We Don’t Know Why All Cat Really Love This Bed.

You can give comfort to your cat with this soft marshmallow bed. The beds have a rounded design that creates a comfortable and protective atmosphere. Your feline pals will feel the love and warmth that allow them to have a truly comfortable sleep. The supported edge also serves as a pillow, providing additional orthopedic support. This bed is comfortable, flexible and finished with faux shag coat, a reminiscent of a mother’s fur coat. It is associated with deep crevices that allow your cat to have a peaceful sleep to improve his behavior and good health.

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3. Cat Water Fountain.

Cats prefer the fresh taste of moving water better than that which is sat in their water bowl. The cat water fountain is the most remarkable solution among feline pals. This fountain only pushes filtered running water to the surface for your kitten drinks. It filters water, softens hard water and removes hair and debris. It is easy to clean and provide maximum oxygenation for better and fresher tasting water.

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4. Pet Water and Food Set.

This is a feeder with an automatic water bottle, an excellent choice for you and your cats. It will automatically refill the water into the dish and help keep the water clean, whether you are at home or not. It is really easy to refill. There are no spills and leaks when you are putting back the reservoirs again.


5. Teeth Grinding Catnip Toy.

This toy can ease your cat’s stomach, from gingivitis, gasteremphraxis, and abdominal distension. It completely cleans your cat teeth when chewing a catnip mouse to prevent oral infection and keep your cat mouth fresh. The fiber found in catnip can help your cats spit out the hairball in the gut and support their intestines.

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