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Internet goes crazy over adorable odd-eyed black kitty named ‘Milk’

A very unique cat

Meet the black cat Niu Nai, for whom the Chinese nickname implies ‘ Milk. ‘

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

The cat has now become a sensation online and has its own @milkyblvck Instagram account.

Since the account presently has only 31 posts, in just four weeks, Niu Nai’s count of supporters has risen to more than 41,000 fans.

unmatched eyes

Compared to most cats, what makes Niu Nai special is her eyes— one eye is a striking blue, while the other is bright orange.

Her mismatched eyes are the consequence of a rare genetic disorder known as heterochromia.

When she was young, the kitten has two blue eyes, but as they develop, heterochromia causes melanin to move into one iris and not the other.

Therefore, animals with the disorder have one eye that shifts to green, yellow or brown, while the other is blue.

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

Everyone Fall in love with Niu Nai

Clare Zheng, owner of Niu Nai, informed Business Insider that the kitten is three and a half years old at the moment.

Zheng confirmed that a friend gave Niu Nai to her and enjoys eating and sleeping all day long.

She said that the kitty was also “not interested in ordinary cat toys.”

Here are more pictures of Niu Nai, capturing thousands of hearts around the world.

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG
Photo from @milkyblvck / IG
Photo from @milkyblvck / IG
Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

Niu Nai looking like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

Photo from @milkyblvck / IG

With one particular video of Niu Nai going pretty viral.

We all dream we could adopt Niu Nai.

Top photo from @milkyblvck / IG

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