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How To Rebuild Trust with your Cat

How to Earn a Cat's Trust
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Whether you’re trying to correct a major problem that has your cat on her last chance or simply attempting to change a few annoying little habits, how you approach the situation is very important.

You may be at odds with your cat and the two of you might have a damaged relationship, but you have to put aside your emotional reactions to what has happened in the past in order to bring about a constructive solution to the problem that you are facing now.

Instead of getting angry or disheartened because your cat has failed to do something, reposition your attitude to focus on helping her succeed.
The thing is, you need to create an atmosphere that puts the cat in a better position to direct herself toward the desired behavior and away from the undesired one.

If the behavior issue you’re trying to solve has been a long-term one, keep your patience as you and your cat work through the behavior modification. Problems don’t occur overnight and they won’t be corrected overnight either.

When you do what needs to be done – the proper behavior modification – you’ll have the joy of watching your cat take firm steps in the direction you want.

The more you concentrate on those positive small steps, the easier the process will be for both of you.
Of course, it’s easy to get discouraged if, after things have been going well for a while, you experience a sudden setback. Don’t worry, that happens in all types of behavior correction.

People are as guilty of that as cats, so the best thing to do is to analyze what happened that created the setback, make the necessary adjustments, and move on.
You and your cat may not be the best of friends at the moment due to whatever behavior problem has been occurring, but you have to work on regaining her trust.

Don’t even think of starting behavior modification without reestablishing mutual trust. If you’ve used inappropriate correction techniques previously, there’s a good chance your relationship could use a little repair.

If you’ve punished your cat physically, she may just run away out of fear. You have to work on helping her see that your hands are not meant to inflict pain, but rather are for petting, holding, and showing affection.

Even if you haven’t issued physical reprimands, your cat may still be afraid of you, or at least somewhat cautious, if you’ve chased or yelled at her.
As a cat owner, you should be a source of security for your cat. Cats don’t have 9 lives. And security starts with your voice.

Pay attention to the tone of your voice when you talk to your cat now that you’re trying to regain her trust. Your voice should be calm and friendly.
Don’t use high-pitched tones because they’re not soothing. Convey softness.

Regardless of the problem you’re trying to correct, you need to be a pillar of comfort to your cat. How? Click here for more details.
Her behavior issue isn’t rooted in meanness – for this reason, it shouldn’t elicit similar feelings from you.

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