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17 Unbelievable cat behavior That Your cat love to tell you

These feline creatures could we have grown to love could be very funny at times. There are a lot of things they try to tell us. Since we don’t speak cat language, we most times ignore them. Read on and see how you can decode your cat’s behaviors.

Are 17 things your cats are trying to tell you but you don’t seem to understand.

17. I’m in my comfort zone.

It’s not your laptop, don’t disturb my rest Most times, you wake us up from sleep early in the morning just because you want to “work” on your computer. Don’t think we don’t know you’re cheating on us with those cat videos you watch. Rather than let you cheat on us, just watch us your keyboard. Yeah, we also like the warm heat from your computer under
our belly

16. I am no dog.

I don’t need your hands on my belly You think every time I lie on my back with belly up, I want a belly rub? Think again human. I’m not your furry dog who can’t get a hold of himself. At times I want to stretch my back or fight you.

15. Appreciate my dead animals and insect gifts

You know that I appreciate all your kind gestures towards me. I don’t want to look ungrateful so I bring a little gift of my own. Or what do you think they are for?

14. Stop “meowing”, we don’t speak your accent.

Why don’t you try to understand us first before you start mimicking our meows? Ugh? Most times we want to tell you we are hungry or we need your company.

13. I don’t do my litter in another spot for no reason

Most times you see us in another spot, it’s either we have a urinary infection or there’s something wrong with the litter box. Try taking us to vet or change our litter every day. We are near you know.

12. We drop and roll for a reason.

This type of accident doesn’t occur many times, you know Most times when we do this, we want to get your attention, because we know you can’t resist this act.

11. That long meow you hear means we need help

You should suspect how we go from being a less regular “meower” to becoming a con in it. We are probably sick or we need your attention. Try and relate the meow to the surrounding an event happening at that time.

10. You know we are earlier than your alarm

This should not be a big deal for you. We help you get up in time and have enough time to prepare for the day. And if you don’t like this, it’s because of the morning sun or we are hungry. So you should know what to do.

9. We need our space too

We appreciate you for the hugs and cuddles you give us, but once in a while, we need our space. Once you pick us up and we struggle, kindle put us back on the ground easily to prevent further harm on you.

8. Tell those dog lovers to stop shaming us

It is okay if your friends love dogs. One thing we are not cool with is them calling us weird or using us as synonyms for crazy.

7. We are good at other things other than being demons

You, humans, are quick to associate us with evil like you are not the main source of that. Saying we get possessed by witches and all. Stop that act, please.

6. We can’t resist the yummy cable snacks lying around

You put your electric cables around the house and you don’t expect us to have a chump. Can you resist a yummy snack lying freely? So stop getting upset. You can stop us if you add bitter liquids to the cables, just know we are having the taste together.

5. Hey!!! Leave my pretty hair alone.

I am not the cause of your allergies You, humans, are too quick to push blames. Okay, our skin produces a protein that is of strong-adhesive
called “Feld 1”, that can cause the sneeze. The thing is no cat produces too much of this protein and most of us even produce less.

4. We don’t want your dress up. We love our nudity

We really hate the feeling of being enclosed, so try to keep your clothes to yourself. And we don’t want those jackets you put on your dogs to be on our skin. We respect our clean nature, please.

3. I never cried to you for a bath, did I?

Okay, you try to keep us clean. We know. But the good thing about cats is that we come with our own body care products. We have our tongue,paws, and saliva to do the job.

2. It’s important we scratch

We do this to maintain our nails, just like you do your manicures. If you want us to stop defacing your sofas, just get us scratch post with the same texture as your sofa.

1. I am not one of Kanye’s in-laws.

Put the camera away from me Obviously, who doesn’t love Kanye? That doesn’t mean I want to be in every picture like the Kardashians.

These are things that would help you understand your cats better. When it happens again, you should know
what they want.

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