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[Blog Post] Australian Hunk Firefighters Pose Shirtless With Cats For 2020 Charity Calendar

Cat ladies know this is the year’s moment, again. Since 1993, firefighters from the Urban, Rural, Aviation, Armed Forces, and Corporate Firefighting Services of Australia have come together to create one of the most popular calendars in the world, adding a cat calendar to their set three years ago.

In addition to the iconic Firefighter Calendar, they went even bigger by 2020 and created 6 different calendars, featuring firefighters with cats, dogs, horses, wild animals, Australian native animals.

This year’s calendars feature firefighters from Germany and France in a kind of anticipation of the 2021 edition, when the first International Firefighters Calendar will be published.

Apart from the’ firefighters + kittens ‘ combo, the good part of the story is that these calendars support charities focusing on Australian native animals, rescue and therapy.

“We felt that helping some of the smaller charities the public never hears about was important. Such grassroots groups are working tirelessly in their local community making a huge difference to the lives of people, “says David Rogers, Calendar Director of Australian Firefighters.

Below you can see an Australian Firefighters Cat Calendar 2020 sneak peek, which is now available on their official website.







A Pony, a Farm Animals, and an Australian Native Animals version are also available this year.

Here are some examples of the other calendars

And it’s all for charity.

The Calendar of Firefighters and Horses is pure perfection.

Not to mention the Australian Native Animals version.

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