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9 shocking Signs Your “Healthy” Cat Is dangerously Sick

As a proud cat owner, you are probably constantly worried about the health of your beloved cat. The reason is very obvious, cats are generally laid back and they enjoy what we usually call a lazy lifestyle. Nevertheless, they have enjoyed a good history with humans as pets. This lazy laid back behavior is what makes it difficult to diagnose a potential sickness.

If your cat is sleeping a lot you should probably give it a thought. Most of the illness with the cat is diagnosed at a stage where it is severe or event incurable. Cat owners should be on a constant lookout for symptoms of illness in your cat. You should be aware of what is normal and not normal for a cat. There are some specific signs that can help you: 

9. Behavioral changes:

Cats are known to live with their illness

Cats are known to live with their illness. If your lovable cat is avoiding you, then you should doubt if it is ill. Cats usually avoid their sickness and avoid people or other animals when they are really ill.

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