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8 Low hypoallergenic Cat Breeds You Must See Now

If you want to enjoy cat as a pet, but have a cat allergy, it can be very frustrating. This is why the idea of hypoallergenic Cat Breeds bring hope to cats for people with allergiess. But is it even possible ?

Some people believe that this cat’s hair which causes an allergic reaction This is also why many think hairless cats must logically behind the other allergic, however, the root of the hair follicle and cat saliva These are:

known as Fel D1 protein and Fel D4 the for protein respectively. Therefore, cats with fur will have this protein but so to a hairless cat, a cat was hypoallergenic Breeds, and it’s not that they wouldn’t have fur They wouldn’t have this allergy-inducing protein. The bad news is that all kinds have these proteins to some degree.

The good news is that some cats have much less than others. There are no cats which are truly hypoallergenic cat breeds but there are some hypoallergenic cat breeds which will not aggravate allergies as bad as others. These breeds include:

1. Siberian Cat

hypoallergenic cat breeds

Perfect mix between a ballet dancer and a linebacker. They’re big, big cats, but they can jump with the best of them. You can Learn More Here.

2. Siamese Cat is Recommended for for people with allergies

Siamese Cat
The Spruce Pets

3. balinese cat hypoallergenic cats



4. Devon Rex cat

hypoallergenic cat breeds
Seattle Refined

5. Bengal cat low hypoallergenic

hypoallergenic cat breeds
The Dodo

The bangle cat is a hybrid between the Asian leopard cat and a domestic cat.The Asian epic cat is a Wildcat, which resembles the leopard in terms of markings and build. So ,his leads me to think the Bendel cat is in itself a Wildcat but the truth is far from it. Learn More How To Keep Your Cat Healthy

6. Javanese Cat

javanese cat

7. Ocicat Cat

hypoallergenic cat breeds

8. Russian Blue cat

hypoallergenic cat breeds


many people with mild cat allergies, have one of these
cat hypoallergenic breeds and report little to no symptoms. However, if you have severe cat allergies, it is unlikely any cat breed will not cause at least some problems for the rest. It might be the new life as a cat owner without sneezes, and other annoying allergy symptoms. Just a quick note to be careful if you see cat hypoallergenic Breeds for sale.

Some breeders claims have created a completely hypoallergenic cat breed.But there’s little to new scientific evidence to back this up. If you have severe allergies, don’t be fooled by unscrupulous or misinform. Thanks for Reading this Article.

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