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5 Interesting Fact Why Your Cat Sleep Next to You

Time to get to bed. When you finally rest your head you find you have uninvited company.

Start that john happy to share your just unsure why every night Your Fuzzy friend wants to bed dying next to the truth is it can be quite relaxed and pleasant to have the company of a cat. This is why we don’t kick them out of the bed. But do you ever wonder why they want to be there in the first place. If you want to know just five of the reasons why your cat sleeps with you. Keep Reading This Article.

1. For the warmth, Cats love of heat when it’s cold.

Despite their natural fairy coat. You’ll notice they are always looking for the warmest places in the highest height for some peace and quiet, near the stove between the couch cushions, or any drop of sunlight coming through the window. That’s why it’s not surprising your cat looks for your bedtime, you’re a human radiator, and they want to get comfortable.

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