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16 Comics That Show What Living With A Cat Is Really Like

Who is better than another cat owner to understand a cat owner? Felines are quite something compared to other pets, and if you just have one, well, you’re not going to be the one that sets boundaries. You’re going to be the one to obey your new master. A few years ago, Cody Stone Stowe got a cat and at the same time began making comics about them. Cats and comics, of course, go together like HBO’s Game of Thrones And disappointment, he soon became the star of his series, Coral, his little furball.


Cat Comics

“I thought it was time to get my first pet in 2016, living in my own home,” Cody told TheCatscare. “A cat was always ideal as it seemed to be easy to maintain (only slightly true). Coral became the first kitty we selected up to raise, she jumped on my top, scratched the f**k out of me, and since then she owned me.”

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