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14 Cat Adoption Photos That Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

These cats were in dire straight lines until their rescue workers arrived and showed them a second opportunity in life and cat litter. Get prepared to see some incredible pictures before and after cat adoption.

14. Magoo

Magoo Before and After

North Shore Animal League America

Magoo did not have much time remaining when a nice Samaritan lying cold and lifeless in an upstate New York snowy ditch discovered him. Magoo’s head and legs endured serious frostbite as well as organ damage to his hind legs. He has been transferred to the North Shore Wildlife League America because of the urgency of his situation and enrolled in their Support Me Revive Program. The harm to his nose and face required reconstructive surgery to enable him to eat better and prevent secondary problems. Magoo proceeded to battle his path back to good health despite further surgical procedures and is flourishing today in his foster family as his adoption has been completed.

13. Johanne

Johanne Before and After

Susan Mackasey

When a stranger discovered her on the road and carried her to PetitsPawz, Johanne was only four months old. Susan Mackasey, PetitsPawz’s chairman, took her instantly to the vet where Johanne spent a month healing and recovery from worm infestation, anemia, and dehydration. Mackasey brought Johanne back to promote her when she was released from the vet while waiting for an eternal home, but then bad Johanne developed an upper respiratory infection. She battled that and recovered her health again slowly. By that time, Mackasey had undeniably been struck and embraced by the now loving and vibrant kitten. Johanne is now a good adult cat that enjoys affection, treatments, and rubbing of the stomach.

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