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12 Times Jerk Cats Were Publicly Shamed For Their Hilariously Horrible Crimes

No matter how cute and harmless kitties may appear, they are deceiving in their appearance. These tiny balls of fur are out of control and will not quickly learn to behave. The least which their owners could do is share the charming of their furry friends with the other cat lovers. They were given quite an chance by the Instagram page @cat shaming.

The account has collected a fun gallery of thousands of fuzzy ‘ criminals ‘ over years and have made public their actions. We ready a 2nd list of the best criminals here at the Thecatscare since kitties were never changing their manner!



“Hello my name is Connie (not my real name as I’m a kitten person and the loved ones I’ve been harassing me with such a name) I’ve been eaten once and now I’m expecting to be milked every day because I’m not feed I’ll be fed until they come out and feed me and if they reject me I’ll look at them from the kitchen door (without blinking) till they do.”



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