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11 Warning Signs of Cancer in Cats That Every Owner Should Know

   Emma, a working woman from New Jersey, instantly fell for her Ragdoll, Smokey. Her twins were equally smitten, clamoring to walk their cat whenever they can. But when Smokey began to lose weight, Emma felt that something was not fine. After doing some study on cat cancer symptoms, Emma took her cat to the vet who confirmed that Smokey’s weight loss was indeed sign of cancer.     

Though it is dreadful to contemplate, this type of story is common. According to the Morris Animal Foundation and the National Cancer Institute, one in four cats will develop cancer over the course of its lifetime. Many cats are prone to this disease if they are not fed appropriate diet.     

Although considering this possibility that your beloved cat will come down with cancer can be a terrible scenario, but by knowing which signs to look for, you can find the information you need to fight and ward off cancer at an early stage. Following are 11 warning signs of cancer in cats that every owner should know:    

1. Strange Odour:

     All cats have bad breath but if you find a particular unusual odor from your cat’s mouth, it can be an early sign of cancer.   

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