[ MUST SEE ] 11 Shocking Signs Reveal That Your Cat Is Dangerously Depressed

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Many wonder what the emotional states their pets maybe experiencing. Cats, in particular, are difficult to study following their timid nature. However, from in-depth research experts have compiled 11 signs that suggest that your cat is depressed and you must look for best cat insurance. So, what is your role?

Lean about them at treat your lovely pet cat accordingly so they do not get depressed. So the eleven subtle signs showing that your cat is depressed are as follows:    

1.Tail swishing and twitching

understanding cat behavior

     Cats tell the story of their annoyance or even happiness by the use of their tail. When they are happy they move their tails rather softly and smoothly. In contrast, unhappy or even worse a depressed cat strike with it tail. Experts say that the best way to intervene for cats showing the sign of twitchy tail is first addressing what you recently changed in dealing with them.   

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340.8k shares, -2 points

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